• iPad 2017 Two Tone
  • iPad 2017 Two Tone
  • iPad 2017 Two Tone
  • iPad 2017 Two Tone
  • iPad 2017 Two Tone
  • iPad 2017 Two Tone
  • iPad 2017 Two Tone
  • iPad 2017 Two Tone
  • iPad 2017 Two Tone
  • iPad 2017 Two Tone
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iPad 2017 Two Tone

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  • Handcrafted bookbound case
  • Smart Cover with sleep/wake functionality
  • Slim, low profile design
  • Durable plastic tray to secure device with open access to device ports & buttons
  • Upright, A-frame, and Angled viewing capability
  • Secure elastic closure
  • Camera port for photo taking
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9.69" x 0.61"
  • Weight: .6 lbs
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     Our iPad 9.7" Two Tone Collection is just as stylish as it is practical. These iPad 9.7" cases are bookbound, featuring a colored spine, with a complimentary colored cover, an interior liner matching the spine, and a secure elastic closure. They allow for multiple different viewing modes: upright reading mode, angled viewing mode, and A-frame perching mode, which make any kind of work or reading situation possible. The A-frame perching mode works on all surfaces with the help of our clever no-slip clip. To learn more about our no-slip clip feature, click here.

    Our bookbound iPad cases are lightweight, durable, protective and best of all disguise your device as a book! Feel at ease knowing your treasured device is safe, secure, and guarded. Our cases make pulling your iPad in and out of your bag super easy and convenient. The handcrafted covers feature our Smart Cover technology, which turns your iPad on and off with the open/close of the case, allowing you to save your battery when not in use. 

    These iPad cases also feature a sturdy plastic tray with a low profile to secure device, leaving open access to all ports and buttons. 

    The iPad 9.7" Two-tone cases are available in four colorways: Granite Green with Gunnysack interior, Indigo Dove Gray with Indigo interior, and Merlot Granite with Merlot interior.


      Handcrafted in San Francisco

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      Elegant Design: Handmade in our San Francisco bookbindery, the DODOcase features a rubber plastic tray and a sturdy exterior cover that gives your tablet the look and feel of a hard-bound book.
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      Camera Port: Precision laser cut-out port for photo taking capability, while device is in case.
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      Foil Stamped Monogram: Personalize with up to three letters stamped on the bottom right corner of the front cover in gold foil.

      Flexible Rubber Tray

      Designed to protect your iPad, this new tray provides a snug fit for your device featuring a flexible rubber plastic tray. All corners are protected, but there is still open access to device ports and buttons. The flexible nature of the tray allows you to easily remove and replace your device in and out of the case.

      Flexible Rubber Tray

      Display Positions

      Our original award-winning book bound iPad case features a folding back cover which allows for multiple display modes. Simply bend the back cover along the crease to push the iPad out to Angled Viewing Mode or fold the front cover back to bend the spine into the A-frame Perching Mode. The various modes allow the iPad to stand up on a variety of hard and soft surfaces.

      Display Positions

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