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iPad Pro Cases & Sleeves

The new iPad Pro 9.7" and 12.9" are all the rage, standing out as the ultimate tablet to own for designers and creatives. We know how valuable these devices are and that's why we've created cases that are not only protective and stylish, but practical as well.

We know the digital age is upon us and that there is incredibly valuable work being done with technology, but we are hoping to preserve ancient arts and the livelihood of makers and crafters, that's why all of our cases are handmade and designed in San Francisco using traditional bookbinding and age old craft techniques that risk going extinct. 

Our beautifully handsome cases are incredibly good looking and feel great in your hands. There's a DODOcase iPad Pro case for everyone depending on your needs. Our original bookbound DODOcase is the most popular iPad case choice. It provides multi-angle viewing and book-style reading and is offered in two different collections: Two-Tone and Solids. The Two-Tone iPad case collection features a different colored spine from the front and back panels and the Solids iPad case collection features 4 different monochrome case colors with matching elastics. If you're not satisfied with any of these options you can always design your own iPad case in our Customizer and choose the exact colors you want!

In addition to our bookbound iPad cases, we sell an easy access Durables Sleeve that protects your iPad on the go and acts as a cushion when the device is in use. A traditional iPad Pro Leather Cases and Portfolios for your iPad Pro offer envelope style carrying and space for extra necessities. And finally a unique Folio that features a notebook in the case for when you still needs pen and paper along side your iPad Pro. 

iPad Air & Air 2 Cases & Sleeves

The iPad Air and Air 2 might be the most popular iPad for the masses, so we're offering a range of iPad Air and iPad Air 2 case options. There is certainly a Dodo iPad case to suit your needs and surpass your expectations in form, function and style! Our original bookbound iPad DODOcases are sleek and slim, feel great in your hands, offer secure device protection and provide multiple viewing modes. They make the iPad great for both reading and working on.

We've got our Classic Black Collection, which features Black Moroccan bookcloth exteriors along with colorful interiors. Our Solids Collection, which features light colorful bookcloth exteriors along with a more neutral liner. If neither of these match the colorway you're looking for, you can always create and design your own bookbound iPad Air or Air 2 case in our Customizer, which lets you pick and choose the exact color specifications you like, including the elastic and spine color. 

We understand that a bookbound iPad case might not be the right option for you, so we also have leather and waxed canvas Durables Sleeves that provide ease of access to the iPad, great padding while in use, and awesome protection when on the go. In addition to the Durables Sleeves, we also have a traditional Leather Portfolio, which is great if you're looking for a custom iPad Air case that provides room for other essentials, such as a notebook, planner, mouse, keyboard etc. And then there's the Folio case which is a great marriage of tradition and technology featuring a pen slot and notebook for note jotting and drawing alongside your iPad Air 2. 

All of our cases are handmade in San Francisco by artisans and skilled craftsmen. Thank you for contributing to the preservation of important art techniques and for shopping local. Here's to US manufacturing!

iPad Mini 1/2/3 & 4 Cases & Sleeves

The iPad mini 4 is the newest model of the iPad mini released by Apple. It's super handy as it is small, compact and lightweight. We figured it needed case options that were just as handy and convenient, so check out what we have to offer! Our original Bookbound DODOcase is available in four different colorways including 2 solids and 2 two-tone options. If you're feeling creative and want to design your own unique case, you can customize a DODOcase for your iPad mini 4 in our Customizer. Don't forget to put your stamp on it and add your monogram! You can actually add a monogram to any of our off-the-shelf DODOcase options.

We also carry the Folio case for the iPad mini 4, which combines a slim polymer tray to secure your device alongside a notebook for taking notes and writing memos. Our Folio case in the perfect marriage of old school and high tech!

Additionally, we offer a handsome little Durables Sleeve that provides snug padded protection to your iPad when it's not in use and acts as a convenient cushion for when it is in use, preventing your device from getting scratched both on the screen and on the backside. The Durables Sleeves fit ALL SIZES of the iPad minis (1,2,3 or 4) and come in three classic color options: Sage, Navy, and Midnight. In addition to our protective iPad Mini 1/2/3/4 Sleeves, we have an envelope style Leather Portfolio, which accommodates extra items. Due to the size of the iPad mini Leather Portfolio, it can double as a beautiful clutch! The Tablet Leather Portfolio also accommodates all sizes of the iPad mini 1,2,3 or 4. 

Finally, you can design a case for the older models of iPad mini as well. The iPad mini 1,2,or 3 all fit the same case size. Start in our Customizer here and create a case just the way you want it. Choose your own custom colors, patterns, materials and elastics for a finished design that speaks to you. 

Thank you for considering our handcrafted iPad mini 4 and iPad mini 1/2/3 cases as the case option for your device. We know there are many choices out there and we hope you will see the beauty and quality that sets us apart from other case manufacturers. We work hard to provide quality iPad cases that will not only keep your device safe, but will also make using your iPad mini 4 or iPad mini 1/2/3 fun, easy, and convenient. 

New iPad 2017 Cases & Sleeves

Protect your new 9.7" iPad in style with any one of our handsome cases or sleeves handmade in the USA. Our superior quality materials, extreme attention to detail, and the perfected techniques of our skilled craftsmen make our cases the best on the market! We guarantee they will not disappoint.

We've made something for everyone: a bookbound case that disguises your iPad like a book and allows for multiple different viewing modes, a protective sleeve allowing for easy access and table-top cushioning, a premium leather portfolio with carrying room for extra accessories, and a book-style folio case that includes a notebook right alongside your iPad. Certainly, we've got just the case you are looking for!

All of our cases are handcrafted in San Francisco right in the heart of the manufacturing district known as the DogPatch. We continue to provide work for artists and craftspeople by keeping US manufacturing alive with your support. Feel good about your purchase knowing you are having a direct impact on those who choose to follow their dreams with a career in the arts, which is proving harder and harder with the rising costs of living, especially here in the Bay Area. 

iPad 2/3/4 Cases & Sleeves

If you own an iPad 2, an iPad 3 or an iPad 4, you are one of the original adapters to the iPad and we still support your devices! The iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 all fit the same size case, so no need to figure out exactly which model you have. You can create your own unique bookbound DODOcase in our Customizer, by selecting the color and pattern options of your choice, adding text or a monogram to the front cover and completing the case with a fun elastic color. The design options are truly endless! If you're more of a sleeve person, check out our Durables Collection for the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4. You can't go wrong with a Durables Sleeve. They're easy, fun, incredibly handsome and provide the perfect amount of padding and protection when in use and on the go. Then there's the Leather Tablet Portfolio if you're looking for a more luxurious iPad 2/3/4 case. The Leather Tablet Portfolio will certainly get you compliments and the case is made from a truly hearty Logger's Leather that will age beautifully, developing character over time. 

Keep the art of bookbinding and other beautiful age-old crafts from going extinct and buy one of our custom iPad covers today. You'll love the product and feel good about purchasing from a local US manufacturer. Here's to all you early iPad adapters and to keeping your device safe and protected!


  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air & Air 2
  • iPad mini 1/2/3 or 4
  • iPad 2017 (new)
  • iPad 2/3/4

DODOcase launched alongside the very first iPad back in 2010. With the invention of iPads and e-readers, we realized that the ancient art of bookbinding risked going extinct (hence our tagline: protects from extinction), so we developed the very first bookbound iPad case to hit the market. 

Handcrafted in San Francisco, the DODOcase philosophy is simple: make things locally and help keep the art of bookbinding alive and well by adapting it to a world of digital devices. Our skilled craftsmen make beautiful products to meet today's modern needs using age-old techniques that need preserving. It's a happy marriage of tradition and technology. We create stylish cases and sleeves designed to disguise your portable technology with classic elegance and functionality.

We make iPad cases and covers for all the different iPad size offerings including iPad 2/3/4, iPad mini 1/2/3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 9.7" and iPad Pro 12.9".  And we offer an array of different iPad cases in addition to our original bookbound iPad cases. 

DODOcase refers to our bookbound iPad cases, which feature thin, durable polymer trays to secure your device along with elastic band closures. We offer a few different colorways as stock options, but most notably allow you to custom design your own iPad case in our Customizer. DODOcases are solid. They feel awesome in your hand and offer great protection for your iPad, not to mention the wonderful disguise of a book!

Durables Sleeve refers to our protective iPad sleeves which, as the name implies, are quite durable. They are made out of a rugged waxed canvas, with a cotton twill liner for extra padding, and feature premium leather accents including a snap closure to keep your device from falling out and a convenient hand grip. Durables Sleeves prevent your iPad from getting scratched in and out of your bag. As an added bonus, they serve as a cushion for your device to rest on when your iPad's in use. They are great for folks who want quick, easy access to their iPad out of a case.  

The Folio is similar to the DODOcase in that it has a bookbound front and back cover, polymer tray to secure your iPad, and an elastic closure; however, it features a flexible leather spine and most notably includes a notebook! The leather spine incorporates a pen slot on the inside so you always have a place for your favorite writing utensil. The Folio offers the best of both the digital and analog worlds, in one beautifully handcrafted case - so you really can have it all!

The Leather Portfolio is a truly handsome all leather envelope style iPad case that provides room for additional necessities such as a phone, notebook, planner, business cards etc. It can even double as a clutch!

Hopefully you'll find the perfect iPad case to suit your needs. We truly appreciate your business and support of US manufacturing. Here's to locally handmade and to the survival of handcrafted arts!