• Colorful Leather & Brass Keyring
  • Colorful Leather & Brass Keyring
  • Colorful Leather & Brass Keyring
  • Colorful Leather & Brass Keyring
  • Colorful Leather & Brass Keyring
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Colorful Leather & Brass Keyring

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  • Eco-friendly, vegetable tanned
  • Premium Pergamena leather
  • 15-generation-old family tannery in NY
  • Easy to open antique brass clasp for attaching to belt or handbag
  • Large brass keychain
  • Dimensions: 5.75" x 1.25" x .5"
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    This brass keychain is made out of the same eco-friendly, vegetable tanned leather used on the Lorna iPhone Wallet Case. Buy this red leather keychain to match your phone case or simply to add a pop of color to make finding your keys easier! The simple to open, sturdy brass clasp facilitates attaching your keys to any belt loop or handbag. Great for securing your keys on-the-go.


    Pergamena Leather

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    Leather Quality Richard E. Meyer & Sons proudly operates a complete tannery, using a traditional vegetable tannage. Not only is it environmentally safe, it also yields a distinctively supple leather, perfect for bookbinding.
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    Treating Leather Whether finished or left unadulterated, skins are trimmed to remove uneven edges and toggling marks, and then stored in rolls.
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    Leather Colors The tannage and dyes are environmentally safe, so you can feel confident in buying a high-quality product that's responsibly made.

    Pergamena Leather Etchics

    The hides Pergamena uses for leather come from animals that have died naturally or been raised for food. And all of our hides come from North America, with the majority from local farms and hunters.

    Pergamena Leather Etchics

    Making Leather

    At Pergamena, the production methods are based on years of research, in addition to an inherent talent for working with skins, and their own creative ingenuity. They are continually developing new ideas to create the most useful, highest quality product.

    Making Leather
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