• Artist Series Canvas Tote
  • Artist Series Canvas Tote
  • Artist Series Canvas Tote
  • Artist Series Canvas Tote
  • Artist Series Canvas Tote
  • Artist Series Canvas Tote
  • Artist Series Canvas Tote
  • Artist Series Canvas Tote
  • Artist Series Canvas Tote
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Artist Series Canvas Tote

Musical Chair Edition
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  • Double sided printed tote
  • Hand drawn sketches by our Print Maker Josh (aka Cole Lodge)
  • Perfect for groceries, gym clothes, picnic supplies, weekend getaways, & all your extras
  • Spacious & lightweight
  • Wide carrying strap for extra comfort
  • Great for traveling & on-the-go easy access
  • Folds compact
  • Dimensions: 18" x 5" x 15"

Fine Art at Your Fingertips 

The Artist Series Canvas Tote evolved out of our recognition of the enduring usefulness of tote bags and the want to showcase the artistic skills of our Print Maker Josh. Our canvas tote is perfect for all occasions: from the office to the gym to the grocery store, beach and beyond, for weekend getaways, picnic supplies, lunch & more. It's lightweight, spacious, easy to fold up when not in use, and features wide handles for extra carrying comfort. We will be producing new designs and special themes throughout the year, so if this particular tote catches your eye, get it while supplies last!

Tote Dimensions: Width: 18" Height: 15" Gusset: 5" Handles 1.5" x 23"

About the Artist

Josh has always been a creative guy, his love for sketching started as a kid drawing race cars, wrestling characters, and baseball stars. As he grew up he experimented spray painting punk shirts with stencils and eventually graduated to self-taught screen printing and got involved in the DIY print scene. He was amazed at his ability to make t-shirts by himself, as he says, "Back then you couldn't buy punk band t-shirts off the internet. You had to make your own if you wanted to show your support." Josh's artistic hobby eventually led to a college major in screen printing at the San Francisco Art Institute (after 3 years of studying Geophysics!). 

Josh credits the artist M.C. Esher, who explored the use of mezzotint, one of the first tonal methods of printmaking, as an early influencer. Josh has a loose freehand style; for him the art is the concept. His method is to explore themes and ideas as they come to him rather than over think the task at hand. "It's more about the idea, than the finished product. The point is to enjoy it and not over analyze." He sketches all the time just to get his ideas out on paper and see what evolves. "The sketching process is very important, like brainstorming. There's always time to work on the craft and hone in on the idea."

For this particular tote edition, Josh was inspired by the simplicity of the thought of a chair but the complexity of the art and line behind the design of a chair. The chair is, on one hand, a simple object and on the other, a complex structure.

Read more about Josh on our blog here


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