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Virtual Reality is a new medium of storytelling that has recently exploded on the world stage. It's ability to transport you to new places, far off lands, and participate in never-before-had experiences is truly remarkable; not to mention, the ability to share your own experiences with friends and family as if they were right there with you! This new capability that we now all have right in the palm of our hands on our smartphones is genuinely mind blowing. We encourage you to check out some of the incredible content that's available today - most of it for free! We've compiled a list of our top iPhone Virtual Reality Apps on our blog here.

DODOcase recognized the immense potential of Virtual Reality when Google gave away assembly kits for Cardboard VR Viewers at it's annual I/O Conference back in 2014, so we were immediately on the scene trying to figure out how to make the kits available to the masses. Within days we starting selling DIY Cardboard Virtual Reality Viewers, making us the original retailer of Cardboard VR. Since then, we have iterated and perfected the viewer experience and now offer premium Cardboard Pop-Up Viewers that require no assembly, accommodate eyewear, and incorporate fail-proof universal touch screen access. Check out our P2 Viewers for more details here

However, we didn't stop at Cardboard! We've created the world's first truly pocketable VR viewer made out of durable ballistic nylon - SMARTvr. It's about the size of an iPhone 5 and makes accessing & sharing virtual reality content possible anywhere, anytime. Our SMARTvr Viewer is a true game changer. Discover the amazing mind blowing possibilities virtual reality has to offer and get one of our VR Viewers today!


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