Paper Goods

Ah paper... it's where it all began. We preserve the arts of yesteryear for today's modern technology, but in this high tech world we are still big fans of the greatness of pen and paper, so we knew we had to offer something for the notebook! Enter the Leather Journal Cover, a handsome journal cover to add a distinguished look to your everyday journal or once-in-a-while jotter. Add a gold foil stamped monogram for that extra special touch of class. 

The Leather Journal Covers are available in 2 different sizes for small and medium sized journals. We hand selected what we thought was the best paper journal on the market to go along with our beautiful covers. Meet the Strathmore Notes Paper Journal. Made from luxurious cotton fiber paper, this notebook provides the finest writing experience!

Since we are such fans of the old fashion pen-to-paper communication and note taking, we even incorporated a notebook into an iPad case: the Folio case. You really can have it all! Enjoy a notepad for your tablet in the times where a pen and paper still matters. In this Paper Goods Collection you'll find the refillable Folio Case notebooks in different sizes. 

Finally, there's the good old fashioned Gift Certificate. The perfect solution for when you're not entirely sure what gift to get or what iPad or iPhone your loved one has. You simply cannot go wrong with a gift certificate. It's instantly available to you and will make someone's day. Let your friend or partner pick out exactly what they want. They'll love that you've selected a company with a mission - keep US manufacturing alive by making goods for today's modern technology while preserving ancient arts that risk going extinct.