Design Your Own iPad Case

Create a custom iPad case to match your style. Pick from different colors, patterns, elastics and materials to make the perfect case just for you or someone special. We hand book bind and press each case in our San Francisco workshop, making sure every detail is superbly executed. Our skilled craftsmen and women take great pride in the work they do and enjoy putting together all the unique designs and creations that pass through our shop. You can even add a title or monogram to you iPad book, which will certainly mark it as yours. 

DODOcase iPad cases offer great protection and disguise. No one will ever know it's an iPad sitting on your desk! The iPad is held securely in place by a polymer tray that leaves all buttons and ports exposed. The construction of the iPad case allows for multiple different viewing / working modes: angled, upright and A-frame, so there's an option for every use-case scenario. The custom iPad case will feel great in your hands - it's sleek, slim and solid.

We truly appreciate you support and creativity! Thank you for helping to keep artisans at work and support local American made manufacturing.