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Our Bags collection currently features two canvas totes with hand drawn artist designs. The base tote is the same in each instance - a spacious, lightweight, easy to carry & fold tote, great for all occasions, featuring wide straps for extra carrying comfort. Both of the designs were created by our very own print maker and artist Josh. 

Josh joined the DODOcase team 4 years ago. He actually started off in the bookbindery and has since become our print maker. He handles all our custom prints and corporate orders along with the various color options and patterns available in our Customizer, where you can design your own custom iPad or iPhone case. 

Josh is a true artist, always sketching or drawing something, working on multiple projects at once. He sells artist journals and drawings under the name Cole Lodge and co-runs a record label, Death Records. 

Hear Josh in his own words speaking about the importance of art to himself and society at large in the video below. Also check out his website here