• VR Scholastic Pack
  • VR Scholastic Pack
  • VR Scholastic Pack
  • VR Scholastic Pack
  • VR Scholastic Pack
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VR Scholastic Pack

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  • 20 ready-to-use cardboard pop-up viewers
  • Self contained package
  • Convenient storage, easy access & carry
  • Great for classrooms and groups
  • Large format lenses on viewers
  • Touch screen access with thumb port
  • Compatible with all phones, Android and iOS
  • Custom branded capability (contact us below for pricing inquiries & details)

The DODOcase VR Scholastic Pack includes 20 ready-to-use cardboard pop-up virtual reality viewers. It's the perfect simple solution for classrooms and educational centers wanting to explore the world of virtual reality. Virtual reality in education represents a new frontier of knowledge and learning, but the biggest hurdle is how to access and share this new form of content in an affordable manner. Our cardboard pop-up VR viewers provide easy and instant access to the wealth of VR content coming to market and the Scholastic Pack is an affordable answer for groups, offering an incredible bundle discount of over 25% off for academic use.* The handle makes for great carrying and portability.

The VR Scholastic Pack is conveniently organized and provides an efficient way to distribute and keep track of the VR viewers. Simply hold the handle while you slide out the carrying drawer and distribute the viewers as needed. The VR viewers require no assembly. They pop open and everything snaps into place, making them ready for use in seconds. They are also fully compatible with all phones, Android and iOS. 

The cardboard VR pop-up viewers included in this pack are the same model as our P2 Viewers. They work with eyewear and are Google certified. They easily fold flat when not in use and can be used over and over again. The VR Scholastic Pack provides a super easy cleanup and convenient organizational system. It can be used by students of all ages. Enter the world of virtual reality today and discover the amazing educational possibilities VR has to offer. 

*Due to the incredible bundle discount on this product our discount codes do not apply.

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