• Design Your Own iPad Pro 10.5" DODOcase
  • Design Your Own iPad Pro 10.5" DODOcase
  • Design Your Own iPad Pro 10.5" DODOcase
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Design Your Own iPad Pro 10.5" DODOcase

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  • Disguises your iPad like a book
  • Sleek, slim, solid feel in your hands
  • Offers great protection
  • Includes angled viewing mode
  • Elastic loop to secure Apple Pencil
  • Design options are limitless
  • Option to add monogram and title
  • Makes a very thoughtful gift!
  • These are some examples
  • Click below to start designing for the iPad Pro 10.5"

Look no further for the perfect case, we'll let you design one you truly love! There are dozens of different color, pattern, material, and elastic options. You can even add text or a monogram for that extra pop of personality. Submit your design selection for the new iPad Pro 10.5" via our Customizer here

You'll love showing off your unique case to friends, family, and co-workers, as no one will have one quite like it! A custom DODOcase is the perfect way to carry your new iPad Pro in style, knowing it will be safe and protected at all times. Our custom iPad Pro 10.5" case will make your iPad look and feel like a book. We encourage you to stamp it with your initials and give it a fun title. 

Our craftsmen and women take great pride in building your iPad cases to perfection and love all the different designs that pass through their hands. Creating a custom DODOcase for your iPad Pro 10.5" means keeping the ancient art of bookbinding alive and supporting local US manufacturing. Our San Francisco based workshop is here because of you. 

A DODOcase allows you to hold your iPad Pro upright as if you are reading a book or fold the cover over and use your iPad horizontally on a desktop. The angle the case makes when the spine is folded over mimics the same angle as Apple's remote keyboards, so you'll be perfectly setup for typing! Our iPad cases also offer angled viewing for reading or display mode, and finally, there's perch mode which is great for reading or watching your iPad on chest or belly when lying down. 

Thank you for helping us provide livelihoods to local makers, creators, and crafters. Your business means a lot to us!

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