SMARTvr Virtual Reality Viewers

SMARTvr is truly a game changing VR Viewer. It's pocket size and portable, about the size of an iPhone 5/SE. It works with all smartphones and can be used over and over and over again. Made out of ballistic nylon, it is supremely durable. A light blocking shield adds to the immersive experience. SMARTvr allows you to consume and share virtual reality content anywhere, anytime! This nifty little VR Viewer makes for the perfect gift. If you're in an industry accessing VR on a regular basis, then SMARTvr is the answer you've been looking for. 

SMARTvr is simply the best VR Viewer on the market for so many reasons: size, price, usability, & portability. We dare you to find a better option!

We also offer custom branded SMARTvr Viewers. Full color printing is available on the light blocking shield. Join the Virtual Reality Movement and get your brand or message in the game with a custom printed SMARTvr Viewer. You will certainly WOW your audience. Learn more here or send us an email today!