Color: Copper Satin

Handcrafted & Inspired

The iPhone BOOKcase Metallics Collection was designed to protect and disguise your phone with form, function and fashion in mind. Handcrafted in the U.S., each iPhone case features a book-like exterior made from high quality fabric, a leather spine, and an elastic closure. BOOKcases are ultra-slim, lightweight and provide privacy and disguise to your phone. The Copper, Pewter, and Graphite Satin color options have a subtle sheen to them, making the cases beautifully unique. 

The Metallics Collection was inspired by the metalworks of the industrial neighborhood, the Dogpatch in San Francisco. Our factory is housed in the old American Cannery building where they used to build machines that canned fruits and vegetables. While we don't work with metals ourselves, we recognize their significance to the growth and prosperity of not only our neighborhood, but to the larger US Industrial Revolution. We are a team of skilled craftsmen who love working with our hands, bringing to life quality products for today's modern technology while preserving ancient arts. We toil everyday to keep the art of bookbinding and US manufacturing alive and well. 

If the Metallics Collection isn't for you, you can design your own custom BOOKcase to suit your style here. Choose from several different colors, patterns, and elastics to make the perfect case exactly to your liking for you or a friend!

Not sure what model you have? Click here to view to visit Apple's Identify your iPhone model page.

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