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Classic Leather & Lux Leather Apple Watch Bands

Adding Apple Watch bands really was the next logical step in Dodocase evolution. The missing link, if you will, in our lineup. iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and now Apple Watches… Dodocase has you covered!

Choose the Classic look or go with the supple Lux feel. Between these two premium Apple Watch bands are combined options of two leather types in seven colors, eight stitch colors, two stitch patterns and two hardware finishes. Mix and match to create your own personal style.

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All Leather Angle View

All Leather Angle View

Ever find yourself looking for ways to prop up your phone for that perfect hands free viewing experience? Look no further. Whether it’s extended typing/texting sessions, FaceTime, watching videos or heavy calculator use this case makes your life easier with a solid and perfect angled view. Plus it’s all leather and looks cool! Available in 10 color combinations that range from rugged to elegant.

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Custom iPad 2018 Case

iPad 2018 Custom Cases

You can now create a custom case for your iPad 2018! The Dodocase Dodomizer has over 400,000 custom case combinations available. Choose materials, colors, pattern and other options. It’s the case you’ve always wanted but haven’t been able to find. The Dodomizer is now available for over 20 models of iPhones and iPads.

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